– Law enforcement and military personnel call for pricing or email Sales@bruzerlesslethal.com from a government email to request pricing.



The ML-12 is currently available in two barrel colors: Black or Safety Orange.

The orange barrel is not visible in the standard or upgraded Kydex holsters for easy concealment. This launcher is classified an AOW/NFA weapon and requires additional paperwork that varies between law enforcement agencies, military, and civilians purchasing the weapon. Police department requires a letter from the Police Chief or equivalent rank on department stationary. International orders are accepted in State Department approved countries and may require additional paperwork and charges.

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Shipping and tax totals will be determined at time of order placement. Tax exemption forms must be on file to qualify for discount. International orders may require additional tariff/shipping charges. A customer service person will contact you upon order placement.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

** Federal, State, and Local government agencies not subject to Federal Excise Tax (FET) must include their Federal Tax Exemption Certificate and Tax ID Number with the purchase order or the 11% FET will be added to the per box price. W-9 Forms are available upon request.

*** Any specific shipping instructions must be included with the order.